2014 show

i wish to take this time to say merry Christmas to my friends my family and all those who have visited my display to view the light show.i would also like to offer this if a member of your family is sick my God put his hand on them and show his compassionwe hope everyone that came by to view the display was able to leave with the Christmas spirit if we have rainon Christmas eve the show will not run everyone safety is first and foremost but please member the lightsonpurserroad will run untill 1/2/15 merry Christmas everyone.well it looks like there will be no light show tonight sorry folks its just to wet and still raining but for those who still wish to view it again or for the frist time because of all the wet weather we ve had i will add another night we will be shuting down 1/3/15 lights on at 530 pm till the last car leavesok i managed to get some videos shot this morning now i ll spend all day today editing them down such as thay are sounds like i got them just in time its raining (again)

show start

its 12 / 10 / 14 the show will go live tonite @5.30 pm

no show tonight

sorry the rain put a stop to  to nights show  but check back the show will go on

mid season report

This year has brought some changes my Mothers health has not been the best this year and Marie and i have been staying with her these last weeks only being home on weekends.I started set up last week but the weather has not been the best im still hoping to have the show up and tuning by the first of December check back often we ll keep this page updated sorry folks i had to shut the display down early because of muddy conditions had 2 cars get stuck tonight lights will be back on tomorrow night at 5 ; 30

pre season report

i ll start this with a little update on the display,we are going to spiral our Weber this year .we have already added 79 more pixels to our matrix thinking of adding 79 more.we have gotten 4 more wire frames and by the time the season rolls around they will be like new.i have done a little sequencing but not much.the rgb tree line is complete.mount frame is complete and can be installed in its place in very short order i told some folks that came by last year the display was going to grow out of my yard well it has.why am i doing all this its just to see kids of all ages enjoy what i do more as it happens.