possable weather

guess i will put this out now If the rain moves in like thay say it might that will delay light up check my web site before driving over

i will be keeping this page updated


Coastal Plains Christmas Decorators

Coastal Plains Christmas

Each year when Christmas time rolled around do you remember a home that was decked out? Well, if so, here’s the place to learn and make those childhood memories continue throughout the years in the eastern Carolina we have access to others in our state who are willing to show others how to do what we love doing We wish to form a group here in eastern North Carolina a community of others with a deep-rooted passion for celebrating for Christmas with all kinds of decorating ideas, tips and tricks to make your home the one to remember.
Here’s how to start. drop myself Mike Purser or Shawn Havoland an e mail or a a private message on facebook my email is djracer_41@yahoo.com shawns is shoveland@gmail.com.

for those who need to see a small part of what can be done check out these links WWW,thelightsonpurserroad.com or shawns Facebook page.
so if you live in the 252 area code drop of us a line we can help and are glad to share the knowlage this group will be NON PROFIT We have nothing to sell

display survay

if you can see this post id like to do a little informal survey our shows/displays in the past have contained 10 to 14 songs played in a non stop rotation due to the amount of traffic the display sees at times were thinking of lowering the number of songs to 5 or 6 per show with a break between shows if you have any thoughts on this please post them here 

end of season saddness

Why sad you might ask i live for December.i like seeing the joy on kids and adult faces even in the dark it shines tru.to day i took a drive to get my hyway signs down and put them away.when i got home i slowly walked up the steps to the portable power pannel opened the lid and shut off all breakers needless to say my heart sank just a little.Knowing it would be 10 1/2 mounths before my friends come out of hiding.

2014 show

i wish to take this time to say merry Christmas to my friends my family and all those who have visited my display to view the light show.i would also like to offer this if a member of your family is sick my God put his hand on them and show his compassionwe hope everyone that came by to view the display was able to leave with the Christmas spirit if we have rainon Christmas eve the show will not run everyone safety is first and foremost but please member the lightsonpurserroad will run untill 1/2/15 merry Christmas everyone.well it looks like there will be no light show tonight sorry folks its just to wet and still raining but for those who still wish to view it again or for the frist time because of all the wet weather we ve had i will add another night we will be shuting down 1/3/15 lights on at 530 pm till the last car leavesok i managed to get some videos shot this morning now i ll spend all day today editing them down such as thay are sounds like i got them just in time its raining (again)