In 2011 we were 98%led in 2012 we will be 100% led System is controlled by an hp desktop computer with 12 gigabytes of ram and a quad 4 cpu.using Windows 7 software and LIGHT O RAMMA software and controllers 2000 foot of extension cords each minute of sequenced music takes  about 3 hours  i usually start sequencing in December of the preceding year .we have lighted presents mega tree with 30 strands of vertical lights.with a topper and an rgb chase string that spirals up the tree. total lights on the tree 3055.all of our wire frames are lighted total lights 1200 on our house are 4000 red white and green leds.the star on the roof has 150 lights 3 led floods 2000 icicle lights 300 red white and green on the corners 500 white leds around the windows we plan to expand the display for 2012 with 16 more channels of lights and  a fairly new led light strip called a cosmic color ribbon.also Another new addition to our display will be rgb light strings these are led pixels which will change color on demand  And dancing snow flakes.we have added to our controller list we now have 128 a/c channels and 3000 pixel channels for your viewing enjoyment with color changing trees and moving wire frames the tree topper on the mega tree also dances with different colored lights