In 2010 i bought a set of GE g35 color changing bulbs.Never had decorated the outside of the house before i hung them from the eves.that year just after Christmas we had a small snow and ice storm.that morning when i was leaving for work.i noticed icicles had formed hanging from the bulbs seeing this i wondered what thay would look like with the lights turned on.When i turned them on i had my ah ha moment the light emitted by the bulbs filled the whole icicle.the light string has 14 functions i played with all of them(needless to say i was late for work that day but it was worth it)that afternoon I went surfing on the internet.and found many web sites that covered sequenced and animated lights one that stood above all the rest was one created by Richard Holman.    i have chatted with him a few times .i may never reach his level but im gonna try HELLO its 2015 and the display has grown it now covers over 500 feet and contains over 60.000 lights 8 lor controllers these are things the computer tells to turn things off and on 4 dmx controllers these also tell lights to turn off and on and on top of that tells our smart color changing lights to change into any of 256 colors. along with 8 cosmic color ribbons . 5 color changing floods blow molds wire frames Christmas  trees that sing with the music .