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2018 setup

new props for 2018.Candy canes,new singing trees,new arches,new mini mega tree pixel based along with a few from last year. we have had one of the wettest years yet.parking spaces are a mud hole we almost.but thanks to its creator Mr David Pitts lost one of the new Falcon rgb controllers to rain it  was saved.More plans in the works for 2019s display. stay in touch here oron our facebook pages for up dates during the year.

show going to pixels in 2018

in the last eight years of having this Christmas display i have had the pleasure of meeting most of our visitors (the ones who did not drive off )when i went outside to give out the candy canes)you know there is some magic in that santa cap.As soon as i started wearing it when i went to greet visitors no body drove off.If we didn t wont folks to stop listen to the music and watch the lights dance i would not have put then up. i would like to ask one favor if you videoed our display please post a copy or e mail ito i love seeing others videos and will cherish them.


Even with last season being what it was yes there will be a 2017 season this year im planing on rebuilding some props and adding a new and larger pixel tree no its not new to the hobby.But it will be new to us we had a small pixel tree this year.this one will be the biggest one in this area.

season over view

The 2016 season is over and planing has started or 2017.Happy New year.I hope all that came out to our display enjoyed it.


if you came out to view our display this year go to thelightsonpurserroad facebook page and tell us about your experience and share any videos you might have taken we love visitor videos